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Reviews for "Draze & 666 - Super Fly [CRMX]"

People do stuff. It's a fact. SPREAD THE WORD!

Wow... I always hear stuff like this and wonder why the people in the songs don't join or write songs for a band... Meh. I liked the bass in this song... I'm 13,and have been playing bass since I was 11... I want to submit a song, but no one at my school can play anything... Wait, why I rambling on like this? THIS A REVIEW! Anyways, great stuff, mate. Keep up the good work!

Draze responds:

Thanks dude :)

You said it was techno...

I was looking for techno and this was on the number 1 list, But this isnt techno! Its drum and bass. Get yo categories strait son!

Draze responds:

The day this is dnb the sun will be blue. This is techno!


could be much better, i expected much more

Draze responds:

I know who you are.

Such great dance music...

you have a really godo talent to doing dance music. Did you sing this? its aweseom!! Nice beat here. How long have you had FL? Nice bass also. Check out my new song please!



Reminds me of Grand Theft Auto I.