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Reviews for "Draze & 666 - Super Fly [CRMX]"

loud booooing

Draze...You r so fuckin gay i bet u went to a grl school u cock sucking homo your songs have terrible melodies and shity everthing here is a friendly tip take those 2 dildos out of your ears so u can actually here how shitty your songs r and go kill your self u cock sucking queer ass mutha fuckin bastardd...im not g-rave

Draze responds:

Yea crazy man.

You no 1

Dude i just looked at the rankings in techno you have four and the are all amazing especially phantoms virus keep doing what you do alright!


Draze responds:

Yo thanks dude

NJ, but i recognize some of the vocals XD

Great Job on the song, but I Have to tell you that u ripped the vocals saying "when the bass comes to the top, i like the beat get ready to rock"(Aligator vs Fragma vs Darude - Tocastorm). Sorry to tell that to you, folks... Bah, who cares. It still is a good song.

Keep up with the work!!!


Draze responds:

Hey thanks dude, i was wondering where those vox came from. Only 200 left to ID, yay.

Lol thanx for reviewing dude,

Very good.

At first I didn't really like this song because the vocals weren't all that great, but after awhile I listened to it again and the vocals grew on me, and then I actually went through the song, and felt the techno vibes. This song truly is badass in its entirety(hope I spelled that right.) Just as in your phantom virus song(if you remember my review) the vocals eventually grew on me and became an awesome addition to the song.

In addition to that, on your phantom virus song, I knew you didn't come up with the basic idea for the melody on your own, I had heard it before, but what you did do, was you took it and remade it into what you thought it should sound like in order for it to have its full effect when heard. Its just like all of those cover songs you hear on the radio now adays, there are so many, like the Atari's "The Boys of summer."

Basically what I'm saying about that song is, you took a previously made melody, improved upon it and made it your own. So, to G-Rave, when I thought you were cool, you aren't, you're a dousche, you shouldn't zero bomb other's work because it is much better than yours, go to hell G-Rave.

OMG! Are you even signed yet?

This song bests Benny Benassi and Daft punk! Even better than NG greats like ZeRo_BaSs, GuXit, and even PARAGONX9!!!

Keep it comin', you and 666

Draze responds:

Wow nahh this can't surly be THAT good :) but i'm not going to argue, hehe.