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Reviews for "Draze & 666 - Super Fly [CRMX]"

Woot love it man

great job it sucks at sucking so bad i think i might puke on my computer lol it was super fly


YEAH finally I found a remix for this song I just LOOOOVVVVEE the original but this one is also good. I would like some more of the melody though.
P.S. What r the lyrics? I can't understand them neither in this nor the original.


yay i made a difference!!!

Thanks for your vote, SizZlE666! You voted 5 for Draze & 666 - Super Fly [CRMX], raising its score from 4.09 to 4.10.

hey dj gridlock.

you are my friend a little imature dumbass.yeah mr 13 year old lets see you do something better than DRAZE. he composed/produced a wonderfull piece of techno music. and i no this will sound childish but if he went to an all girl school then he would get action every other day. no draze my reviews to your song.

8 originality- well the vocals are from Alligator vs. darude vs.Fragma - Tocastorm. but i like what you did with the slide tool with your lead synth and you just adjusted the pitch the went back to normal. the beginning build up was just right not to short and not to long.

7 diversity- not that diverse other than a couple breaks ad pitch adjustment. and at the end the lead synth. still better than mr. 13 year old flamming you. the only complaint i have is that the kick is just kicking its self through the song.

9 clarity- the song if very clear and pretty crisp and nothing is crowding the other synths/kicks/vocals.

9 effort- it shows that u put in an arse load of time in this song and look at the outcome its stupendous.lol.

other stuff- plz review my review,and dont get discouraged if anyone trys to beat you up just call me and ill fly over to the uk and help beat the shit out of them. plz review my review. and hit to the clubs with this.

Draze responds:

Hey thanks for ya awesome reviews dude.

I really agree with everything you said there. I don't really spend much time on kick breaks ect. My kicks tend to just limp through the song :P unless theres a complex pattern.

"if he went to an all girl school then he would get action every other day" haha yeah X_x its just so true.

I'd like to hear ya own stuff man, you clearly have a high standard :)


This really has a great vibe! Its better than half the rubbish in shops.

P.S how do you make your music? with a keyboard and synths or something?

Draze responds:

I use computer software called FL5 :]