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Reviews for "Japanophilia"

omg lol


theres something..

at the beginning i didnt get it,but then i did,and i was al 'eewwww'
nice game anyways,very retro look :]

I'm ashamed of playing this but it's so fun.

Simple and fun. Nice graphics as well.
But the goal of the game wasn't that good, lol. I should've expected something alike with the title. Oh well, as long as no one is watching ;)
There should be a highscore ranking, too.


This is a simple game, certainly. The pixelated characters was a nice touch, and the music, graphics, etc. all fit well together. It's simultaneously easy due to the simplicity yet hard if you're trying to get a really high school. That being said, this is one of those game that I felt could have been expanded and more could have been done with it. It was fun, but because it's just the one mode there's little replay value.

LOLZ , Sailor Moon ?

xDD Is the background music Sailor Moon ?
Oh god , this game is amusing . - w-
I love you <3

mirosurabu responds:

Let me check......yes, haha