Reviews for "Dj Sheepwolf Mixer 3"


Limited as it is... THAT WAS FREAKING SWEET! Lost like an hour to this, just working and tweeking. totally wicket. good fun.

nice but...

try to bring in some memorable music that can be great at mixing check out Daft Punk,grand master flash ect...but nice game i play it once in a while and give you props

One of the best

I do not remix music in anything I have really done, except in probably a really goofy fashion. This was still fantastic because it brought me back to the days when I played the piano. Those memories will always be with no matter what and this is the perfect way to pay tribute to them. It is simply fantastic with how there are so many features and so many ways to express yourself yet it isn't too complicated. I mean, who knows, I might even start submitting stuff to the audio portal soon. This day also happens to be my second year anniverseary of being on this website and I am glad to celebrate it like this!

omg awesome...ige

so many things i can do with this

so many beets

i love this i cant stop mixing but one small problem is that some times the 2nd mixer does not work and i wish we could download this game (plz try and make a downlodeabul version) other wise i loved it