Reviews for "Superhero Slayers 4"

Oh My God

I think this may be the best Marvel movie I've ever seen. The quality of the graphics is fantastic.


nice animation

More Immediately

Damn it damn it damn it. I need more. fkin bull shit lol hurry up

Love it!!

Eventhough this "28 Mansion" thingy reminds me of "Akatsuki" from Naruto and "Organization 13" from Kingdom Hearts,this villians still have something that's original.The story line is superb,not to mention the voice acting.By the way,did Hembra looks like someone in Dragon Ball Z?And why does the Fantastic Four behave like clowns(especially Mr.Fantastic),keeps making me LOL.Thumbs Up!


This animation has woken me up and inspired me to continue my drawings :) Awesome video, look forward to seeing more