Reviews for "Superhero Slayers 4"


This piece was brilliant! I really hope you finish the series! This is made me feel like I was watching a new Marvel DVD cartoon! I love the story!

Good artwork, good casting.

Dialogue and script were poor.

I was loving it, but

I saw whats his name start doing Naruto style hand signs. I was really hoping for something original. The animation is great, but I don't really care for the artwork. Your Reed's personality is more like Johnny's enthusiasm than Reed's calculating. Also, Wolverine's voice sounds cheesey, I would saw ease up on the raspy. THe Hulk and Cyclops had perfect voice actors. They were def my fav part of the movie. Also the monsers that were summoned were creative and cool looking, a tleas the spider thing was. Overall, It was watchable, but was the hand signs and some of the voices were to cheesey for me.

Like watching dubbed anime

It sounds the same. Get a better writer.

very nice work

very nice animation, i liked the creatures and everything. Over and all i give it a ten but, you watch too much naruto, you could use a different kind of summoning, a different spell, it just lost originality, nice work though