Reviews for "Superhero Slayers 4"

Great job!

I just watched this for the first time and i loved it, so i had to see the other 3 and i just have to tell you... Can't wait untill the next one!

keep up the good work.


....to have it clear...soo this is something like Naruto, Dragonball(s) and Yu Yu Hakusho crossover taking place in the Marvel Universe?
Freakin' awesome!

P.S.: That what I'm talkin' about!

loved it

i need to know did you use garra and deidarra from naruto to make up ur character that did the summonings?

big compilement of everything

everything from animes to marvel's superheroes. i've been thinking many times of this (i may not be the only one) but i was never able to create such a flash. bloody well played, lad.

i rated 10, times

its a cool movie