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Reviews for "Superhero Slayers 4"


Where is spidey at?!?!?!?!


just awesome!

black coat super strong villians are for the win, just like in naruto and kingdom hearts.

okkk this is a cool series

One thing you really need to work on is your mouth animating. Your mouth animating seems to be way way off at most times of the animation. Everything else was superb. The voice acting was great. The character animations were great.. a great story.. just work on those mouth animations...

Xennethy responds:

Yeah, I'm pretty irritated by the looks of their mouths as well. It's just so difficult to draw them well...
Hope i can do a better job next time.
Thank you for watching!


Wow, I'm surprised by how fast this movie went. Reid Richard's character was soo...messed up. It just irritated me a bit. With that said, the voices were all superb! the music and effects were all top noche. Great job. I hope more movies are in the works.

P.S. It would ROCK if The Joker made a cameo appearance! XD

I anticipate action after all this supspense

This animation is very clean and the voice acting is very clean.I really wanted to give this a 10 when I first started watching... However, something about this animation feels cheep. The whole flash seemed like one giant interruption after another. The two settings you were changing between don't appear to have much in common to a new view like me. If showing both plotlines I suggest only changing setting only once in a short animation like this... The action to suspense ratio feels closer to a movie trailer than an actual movie.

I also think introducing new characters to the battle scene without letting the current characters fight it out a bit more takes away from the story, The battle scene seemed more of an introduction to the villain and competing heroes than a battle scene.

This is great except for how broken up the story is.