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Reviews for "Superhero Slayers 4"


nice animation

not very good,

there was awful voice acting and decent animation. and it was overly dramatic

Xennethy responds:

Ah ok, thanks for watching still. :D

This is professional stuff!

This is the kind of stuff you would see in an anime or something. Great animation and style. However, the story could use some work, it just seems like another "SUPERHEROES FIGHT" you know. But otherwise this animation was brilliant. Kudos

Great animation...

I just watched the entire series and I have to say, I am impressed how your animation style improved, gratz to that, man!

But on the other hand, SHS seem to base upon the idea "Some Anime Supervillains attack earth's Superheroes". This is a good starting idea, no doubt. But I guess the storyline needs some development / improvement, 'cause adding action scene to action scene is nice, but no storytelling at all.

I would advise you to add some of earth's Supervillians, like you did once with Lex Luther. I would like to see Dr. Doom or Magneto. What is their oppinion to the attack? Do the help these SHS - or do they maybe team up with the Superheroes for the sake of sheer survival?

Anyway, I just wanted to bring forward some new ideas, 'cause I am a fan of your work. Keep it up man, hope to see SHS 5 anytime soon :)

Xennethy responds:

The story telling part is really lacking so far in this series and i do hope i can balance it up in the future episodes.
This episode is more of a continuation of the last, so the Superheroes are still figuring out who they are facing. And yes, the SuperVillians are considered to appear eventually. Well, we'll see how it goes.

Thank you for watching! :)


I'm really surprised on how much everything improved.
From animation to the choice of background music.
What I'm really impressed about is the voice acting. Clear, crisp, and very good.
This includes the different camera angles. I loved every single of it.
The story/plot goes smoothly and is really interesting.
But the camera shaking effect sometimes seems unnatural.

even though this looks more like a movie trailer...
I'm not complaining. I'm looking forward for the next episode!

keep it up