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Reviews for "Superhero Slayers 4"


Aside the Naruto reference which I hate because of how the anime is just talk and almost no action it was interesthing, hope it won't be the same as the anime, keep it up.

Aw, yeah!

I've been following this series since day one. Awesome seeing improvement in each episode. Nice choices in music, Voice actors are stupendous and the story is intense and gripping. Nice work, buddy. You did a fantastic job.


this is sooo cool! ur awesome man!

kinda cheezy

but it was well animated i must say

Damn cliffhanger.

i enjoy this series.Great potential and shows great promise.hell i watched the first 3 and was always waiting for the 4th.Keep up the great work and hope the next part will be better.love the voices by the way.