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Reviews for "Superhero Slayers 4"


its like a mix mash of epicness and wierdness.... the scenes are ok but I wont hate on this animation coz its got the stuff and I can't do any better.


Nice vivid storyline, blood rushing soundtrack, although the voice flapping needs a tiny bit tunning ^_^ Excellent work!

Ehhh a bit minimalist

Animation is smooth but choreography is boring with very little action, and whatever action there is none of it is continuous and doesn't flow well. Dialogue is choppy between "serious", wry remarks, and plain silly like Mr. Fantastic's quips and suffocates the scenes with more dialogue than there should be action, though quite a few animes/toons do this as well. The scene cuts move back and forth too often to retain any over arching tone or pace, it's random and hectic to say the least.

Characters? Well come on...straight out of Naruto. So far we've seen generic moves like teleport/super speed, summoning, energy balls. Nothing is particularly inspired or unique and the "Master Summoner" is taken straight from Pein's summoner body.

Super heroes aren't very well represented either. We don't even see most use their powers even though most of them could wreck what we've seen the villains (or rather the monsters). Susan? Strongest of the Fantastic 4 if not Johnny, though she has been able to contain even his Super Novas. Once again, we don't even get to see them fight.

Since you're seemingly making this into a series it needs some work.

Has potential

the dialogue was really hammed up for the most part, just couldn't take the characters seriously. Animation's good but if the action could be choreographed with a bit more thought it would do a lot, I mean you're making a series with all these heroes and half the time they're just standing around, even when they fight it's just too slow-paced. Less emphasis on every action, it's kind of like reading a book, but every page has one big word on it. Even though it's good it kills the pace of what's happening.


You couldn't pick a different way to summon the monsters? I would've enjoyed a glyph or something more than 'hand signs' Oh well.. Its a great little series. Been a while since part 3. I already cant wait to see the out comes. Exciting seeing the hero's side finally gaining losses, causalities, and not always winning.