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Reviews for "Superhero Slayers 4"

work more on your characters and their powers.

It was ok. You did a good job with the comic characters but your characters lacked. They seemed a little too Anime generic. The handsigns and summoning was a clear sign of Naruto. Work a little more on the villians and you will do great.


That's how dino's went extinct

Not too shabby.

Despite what everyone says about "ripping things off"... well..doesn't everyone? Parody anyone? anyhoo.. I really liked it. The music(good choices imo) and voice acting was pretty good. This series seems to get better with each episode, I would say. The animation was not too bad either. Obviously not the best, but you got the job done well. Btw.. what's the song for the credits, I don't think I found it among the song list.


This flash is amazing and especially the voice choices, they're perfect!


I must say I was very impressed with this new installment to the series, it obviously reveals your leap in skill and commitment towards your work. I can see that you have placed more thought into your flash by critiquing the storyline to provide more interest to the viewer, as well as more realistic dialogue so that characters don't seem so stock like. I simply can not wait for the next episode as I know it will be pack with action, answers, twists, and doppelgangers.