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Reviews for "License to Combo: Revamp"

dragon ball z

this is amazing animated... you have dragon ball z the video game noises in it haha nice.... but i can only give you 5/10 because of lack of story...


Great animation, boring concept. I have just grown tried of the unrealistic fighting cause 1) Half the time there is no balance 2) its overused. There are a lot of stick fighting flashes out there that do this whole "DBZ" fighting thing.

Anywho great animation just boring.


Those poor stick men. WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU!? I call foul, I don't like your stickdude, he's godmodding... it's like if Edward saved Bella from a parked car. He wouldn't be able to do that either way.

I Think ..........................................

No. The efects are cool , but I think that the animation is WTF


Is not here. 4 stars for a nice song and decent animation. The whole Stickman-DBZ-Fighting is well over-used. Come up with something new instead of a stickman just beating up multiple idle ""opponents". Nice try though.