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Reviews for "License to Combo: Revamp"

Ultra combooooo!

i realy like this, i think if they made any kind of fighting game it should use the same idea as you did like movie sequence right into fighting!


I like so effin much! The character was really awesome but you could at least show a little competition to the main guy it looks like he's just walkin' through a park but anyways I also liked the music and also I dont really think the stick collection is updated I mean look at it, it doesnt even have MicWizard in it

epic stick fighting

i loved it, the combos and the moves are what got me, keep doing your thing man keep going

Gore and Pwnination.



Thats a very good video. I mean if i just look at the combo aspect. Great flow, fluid animations. Music is great. Combo ideas are also good. I can' t complain about the visual style here, since the setting and the backgrounds are good enough to serve the purpose of the vid. I enjoyed the show. Good work.

P.S.: It would do you good to make the animations a bit more realistic. Like, not make their legs bend everywhere, instead make a knee joint or smthin. Otherwise it' s like watching Olive from Popeye.