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Reviews for "License to Combo: Revamp"


i haven't that much combo since the shock series sick

Nhazul and the Scarf

The Scarf is the power! Hahahaha, that was a nice movie, and the nicest combos ever! Good ones!

Nhazul responds:

Thanks, haha love me some scarfs. Glad you enjoyed the flick.

duudde you must be sooo cool

no need to get a life man
you should be a ufc fighter because this must be you duuude


Great animation, boring concept. I have just grown tried of the unrealistic fighting cause 1) Half the time there is no balance 2) its overused. There are a lot of stick fighting flashes out there that do this whole "DBZ" fighting thing.

Anywho great animation just boring.

devil may cry much?

all the voices are chipmunk versions of devil may crys combat dialog:
"blast off", "breakdown", etc...
just a neat observation...
good flash, very cool...loved that energy orb part(which kinda reminded me of naruto)
nice work

Nhazul responds:

Good observation, you are absolutely correct. Thanks, I'm really glad you enjoyed it.