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Reviews for "License to Combo: Revamp"

All things in moderation

I love a good stick fight. You've got some very sweet moves there and I really do like the scarf thrown in. It just gives a little more character. And that's very much needed when you're dealing with sticks.

Here's the thing. My favourite and perhaps the only fight that I truly enjoyed was the second to last one (not counting the short bash at the end) - the one with just the two black stick figures fighting.

See in the entire demonstration of moves in the beginning you kind of did that whole 'bullet time between hits' thing. It's not a bad effect to use, in fact it does create that sense of suspense and gives the moves a lot more power behind the look. But when every single hit done is exactly the same like that, it tends to lose it's effectiveness.

What you need is a good balance of quick fire moves and those slow down power hits. The quick moves give a sense of fast paced intensity and it actually allows for more fluid movements.

Even if you're only attempting to make combos, you can certainly add a couple of quick moves between the heavy ones that you're already doing.

That's what I'm seeing anyways. You have the skills and the the style all worked out already. Now all you need to do is polish it a little bit and balance out the move execution.

My God!

If this was a video game, it would be the most awesome 2D fighter ever! Smooth animation and very creative combos, all with badass Dragon Ball Z style fighting!


Everything just rocks in this flash. Maybe even too much!

best movie ever

you could make it a game it was awesome best movie on new grounds i give u 5

It was well.

Everything deserves a 10 except one thing that was bugging me, Every single time a fight would break out you always started with the guy on the left fighting...

I don't know that just bugged me that and also each one on the left is the one that won.

If you could change that up a bit I'd 10 in it... Can't wait for people to mark my review as useless.