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Reviews for "License to Combo: Revamp"

Sweet as hell

It was reaally cool, I loved the switch from move-to-move in each combo. It seemed very well thought out and smooth, the only part I didn't like was the orange guy beating up the blue guy, it seemed to rely on blur alone with no actual animation of the punches. Everything else was really nice. I recommended this to the stick collection +favorite and 5/5.


probably the best particle effects iv'e seen. all those dust and dibree and light stuff mstve took a while drawing each frame


This flash is done very well.
But it also show how great SFX and Audio give an action movie an extra spark.


Those poor stick men. WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU!? I call foul, I don't like your stickdude, he's godmodding... it's like if Edward saved Bella from a parked car. He wouldn't be able to do that either way.


i wasnt amazingly impressed 5/10
ive seen enough sticks fighting to know whats gonna happen next it wasnt to inventive in that respect at least in my opinion humble as it may be.