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Reviews for "License to Combo: Revamp"


I like the animation and the song. STICKMAN FOREVER


this animation was really good but the scarf was reslly well placed in the battles and to see it go away dissapointed me and if you are going to put in several kinds of stick figure fights(characters that are thin fat or have a black outline) you may as well come up with more than two. but look at me ramble on about the bad things. the camera effects were great it was really smooth and the backgrounds in the first few absolutely stunned me good job i hope to see more of your work


that went hard

no such thing

there is no such thing as overkill in this. and durring this in my mind i was going one...two three four C-C-C-COMBO BREAKKKKER


overkill dontcha think?
still.... badass animation X)