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Reviews for "License to Combo: Revamp"

Nice, not more

I'm usually a generous person when it comes to rating an author's work, hope this is not labeled as my first "useless" review

I'm not giving you 5 stars or 10 review score because stick fighting is already a pretty simple form of animation, and most people enjoy it when is realistic and you can actually appreciate some real possible martial arts move in it.

Also there was a clip if i recall correctly in which the sticks where a lot rougher and thinner, there you animate one of the figures doing a summersault I saw nothing but some weird scribbles going up and down.

Now for the constructive criticism, if you want to make stick figures fighting polish it a lot more and be more realistic make sure the stick is able to do a move a 4kanji karate master can pull off, not some kid called goku.

use more air effects, where hits land, don't overuse blood and scenery destruction too early or people wont be expecting anything past 20 seconds.

And this may not be right but i actually prefer one good long tiresome skillfull fight not some random clips of a guy totally owning another guy with no chances, make counter-attacks, a plot several enemies!

the world of stick figure fighting has a lot more to offer than this!

Nhazul responds:

Not a useless review, but obviously very opinionated one. I appreciate the criticism. In defense, I do create semi realistic fighting once in awhile, but i was shooting for more "over the top" with this one. I grew up with DBZ so shoot me. People have there opinions on DBZ-esque animations but I'll always be inspired by it, overused or not, I don't base my inspiration off the status quo, but off what I enjoy. In short, I like it, I'll stick with it.

It was a display of combos, not a set of fair fights, that is why the other stickmen did not fight back. I clearly stated that in the description.

Stick fights do have a lot more to offer, and I'll be exploring that. Thanks for the review.



Nhazul responds:

I'll be making more for certain. Thanks and glad you thought it was awesome!

Holy sh*t...

words cannot correctly describe the awesomeness of that video...


-I'd like to see some REAL martial arts in atleast one stickfight animation. No offence, I'm just not into naruto or dragon's balls.

-You can handle animation pretty well, god job for that.
-I think you creatively picked the right song that fits well. Good effort on that one.

-That scarf seems to make the propagonist twice as stronger, is it dipped in steroids before each round?

Nhazul responds:

I love real martial arts, and I'm an advocate of them. I was shooting for a more "over the top" style of combat with these combos. Obviously comparative to what you see in DBZ or Naruto, or other fighting style animes/games. I wouldn't mind animating something more realistic, but you know, I find the fun in animating cartoons and stick figures, is to explore what is not possible, and what is "over the top" and see how extreme you can make it. There are so many "animation realists" out there who totally discredit the work of people who truly explore the field. It's mind numbing, ugh.

epic stick fighting

i loved it, the combos and the moves are what got me, keep doing your thing man keep going