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Reviews for "License to Combo: Revamp"

Love it

I have always loved your style in the animations, the dbz part is what makes you stand out from most others, and I hate how a lot of people are complaining about how there isn't a plot. There is not supposed to be a plot people, this isn't a story based animation! Not all animations require a story!

Anyway, love the combos, although I personally don't think there was enough added to justify a repost as a seperate animation, but it's still epic either way. Keep on making your awesome animations, I'll be sure to keep watch.
PS. I've always been a sucker for your scarves, I love staring at them!


It's great, but, uhm... a little question.

Where do you get all the sound effects?

Nhazul responds:

Thanks much. I'll pm you a good resource for sounds.


Dude, some of those combos were sick as hell. All fighting games should have massive combos like that. Show some true hardcore fighting skills, because Im sure most, if not all of us, would do the exact same things, combo wise, in RL if we could. Great job man

Nhazul responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm glad your down with the combos. :)

loved it!!!

entertaining, well presented, kick-ass moves. these are some of the descriptives that came to mind as i watched this. well done!

Nhazul responds:

And thank you for those! Glad you liked the flick.


you play dragon ball z budaki too much

Nhazul responds:

Apparently you don't play it enough. Thanks for the poorly thought out and rashly written review.