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Reviews for "License to Combo: Revamp"


Everything is smooth, I llove the way he does combos! XD

nice work.

Well, done!

You have a very good animating style and I love how fluid you made their movements. These are very awesome combos! My favorite part, however, is the animation of the scarf. Great job!


c-c-c-combo breaker.

really great clip. you should make them into mugen character so we can all attempt those kick-ass combos

Frenetic and great !

keep going because you are a very good stick animator, i'm waiting for a new combo collection !
and, a have the same question of 'BlueBear96', i need some sound effects and the yours will work perfectly in my new video, can you give me some help ?


This is look so simple, the way you draw this sticks but at the same time you do these hardcore difficult combos and moves. Well made movie bro, i loved those combos. Do you do tutorial of how to make flash movies or know a place i can learn? I'm trying to get into this world of animation.

PS: Good luck in your career because your very talented.