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Reviews for "Mafia Spaghetti"

its alright

nice animation but the cartoon itself wasnt funny.


funny but a little too short


I like the animation but the spaghetti battle was too short and didn't make sense. How do you fight wet pasta with a makeshift flamethrower plz explain. A more interesting twist and use for the spaghetti is using it on mafia members since most people think all mafia is italian. They think this spaghetti is made just for them and when they feed it to the boss it attacks >: )

WackWacko responds:

Yeah,you gave me some good ideas. :)
But this was made for one night just for my exam,and I didn't have time to develop a story good.The spageti battle is like is dream sequence,that's why I put a little blur effect on it nad some brighter colours.When he throw the flame he gets back to real life and his spghetti are burned.That was the idea that I didn't develop well.Enyway thanx for review! :)

I like your style.

The style with the white dots and lines appearing randomly is a nice old fashioned touch with a bit modernism. Relatively ok and the fact that the guy is see strange spagetti like insects making him burn his spaghetti is also gratifying. You should make more using this style even if its a couple years old. It never hurts to try different geners.