Reviews for "Cube Dodge"


I am hard pressed to imagine a game with zero buttons that is more innovative and engaging. A few seconds in I thought to myself "this had better get a lot more interesting" and then it did. Great job all around.

Damn this is hard!

But damn is it good, I'm surprised I made it to level 7 though! It's quick, it's tricky, and you have to keep a close eye out for everything, awesome! Keep up the good work man, hope to see you doing great flash games in the future!

Helo bejeezus!!!

Man! this thing is awesome! the difficulty goes form lame weaksauce to OMGWTFBBQ!!!! Awesome!1 Keep it up!!

not bad!!

i have to say that this is very iteresting and unique game and as far as i can recolect for all the games i played this is 100% unique. to top it all off you made it highly addicting and simple to play. you just have to make some minor tweaks to make it awesome so i'll give it 9/10.
ps this is a great idea and it works so go all out and pull out all the stops Experiment of yours.


This game is mad!

I like the background music too!