Reviews for "Cube Dodge"


1. The song is quite fitting to the insane amount of difficulty. 3/3.
2. It Takes skill to get far in. I have trouble at level 5, which is when the White square's attack is upgraded to a spread shot that shoots out three white orbs and purple boxes attempt to ram you from behind. 3/3
3. The Perfect amount of changing difficulty. 3/3.
4. A very simple game that has simplicity that is obscured by the ever-increasing difficulty. BONUS AWARDED.

AVERAGE: 10/10!
My Comments: Possibly one of the best "No Button" and "Avoid" Games NG has seen.

Wow, very nice!

I've seen soem games like that, but this one rocks! It's still original. I've made 670 points ^^


I am hard pressed to imagine a game with zero buttons that is more innovative and engaging. A few seconds in I thought to myself "this had better get a lot more interesting" and then it did. Great job all around.


for be afraid to the simple of the game,is hard and fun.Godd game

good game! my score: 500 with dificulty 8 or 9