Reviews for "Cube Dodge"


This game is mad!

I like the background music too!

Found a bug.

The game is awesome. The music is great. But if you pause the game by pressing P you can move your mouse anywhere and then unpause. But still, it is a great game.

Helo bejeezus!!!

Man! this thing is awesome! the difficulty goes form lame weaksauce to OMGWTFBBQ!!!! Awesome!1 Keep it up!!

Damn this is hard!

But damn is it good, I'm surprised I made it to level 7 though! It's quick, it's tricky, and you have to keep a close eye out for everything, awesome! Keep up the good work man, hope to see you doing great flash games in the future!

Great fun

Really fun game. Simple, effective, addictive. Could do with a leaderboard and better response to my mouse movement.