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Reviews for "Not so Still life"


It made me chuckle.


What you wrote in the "author's comments" was much respected.. I like that you have such an appreciation for the ability that our computers have to distort the normal into the otherwise abnormal.. and I like that you took something as flat as a still life and tried to give it some type of life or character.. so that's why I gave you the 4. However, as far as flashes go.. this isn't a movie, it's a game.. and as far as games go it's a point and click to hear the sounds that a pear, an apple, and a bottle of wine make.. so it isn't that strong.

What would make your point would be to create an actual game or flash in which a character goes through an entire environment filed with distorted abnormalities.. that's what would get something like this a 9 or a 10. But this is still far too one dimensional.

Keep it up, I like where your head's at!

Only a moment of fun

Funny, but very simple. There is nothing to discover here, just a few objects, you can click on. I don't think, it cost you much effort to make it.

Not like that is by any measure cool

But I don't want the author to die in a fire. That was less than 5 minutes of work.