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Reviews for "2012: D... OH F***"


did someone upload the wrong file

i like how the kid gets in trouble with his mom.

HydroSeeker responds:

I did it without letting my mom notice

What The!?!?

It is not great and it is not even flash. But I do think you that have downloaded the WORNG file.


This is for flashes not videos and I really don't see the point. Did you accidently take this video? I like that you keep talking to yourself though... NOT KIDDING!!!

Don't swear

I can definitley see why you decided to hate this because so little happens. I have done videos like that before (but not on Newgrounds) so I can give you some hints. Try to ignore the shaky cam altogether and simply set the camera in some place and record. You should also get rid of the "Created with a..." thing on the cover. I think you might have forgotten to use the actual audio, because I didn't hear anything in the audio description in the video. You should also try working on flash stuff.

2012: D... OH F***

... I have nothing to say. 1/10 1/5.