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Reviews for "Yoshis Revenge"

I agree.

Yoshi shouldn't die and I liked that part it sais Yoshi course clear.


i got a cheap laugh out of it, i really like your idea and it wasnt bad for a short

zergtillian responds:

thanks, I had this thought up for a long time, when I was part way done with it, my wife got to see it, pretty much it was yoshi just started to pull up with the tounge, she cracked up, so I knew it was gonna be a decent movie at least =D

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zergtillian responds:

still not working for me, whenever I click the submit button, it doesn't load or anything, just sits there.. So I guess I don't get to upload pics on it =P Unless maybe its just my computer for some reason, maybe I need to be at a friends house to do it.

Heres your review.

It was too slow, looked slow motion. The "OH NO" could of been more clever/funny. Was wayyyy too short and 100% predictable, maybe make like 15 of these and put them together in on movie. And the credits were horrible, try not to make such terrible credits. Maybe thats why you don't get reviews... Overall it wasn't "bad" though.


In fact it wasn't so bad, but you have great possibilities to be a good animator.
The animated text and your logo was animated very well! Just try to do the same with the sprites!