Reviews for "Defense Hill"

not bad

It's pretty cool visually. However, it could use more variety. Just blobs is pretty basic, although I like how they splatter. Needs an autofire feature rather than clicking for each bullet. Also there is significant lag.

Very good

It's fun, addicting, the music is good AND it doesn't bore you that fast, good job on this game.

This game was very addictive!

I came here to check some stuff out, and I found myself playing this for a while.

One thing I did notice, is that when you use the TNT when there are many of those goo things on the screen you get major lag. I also noticed that the goo on the ground from dead goo's was above the living goo's, so you couldn't see them and you had to shot aimlessly.

There should be more levels, and more attack types. I never got hurt the entire time I played the game.

These issues did not interfere with the gameplay too much, so I will rate it 9/10.