Reviews for "Defense Hill"



But I'll admit that's probably a personal failing. But that does point to what I'd consider a flaw: if it's a game that involves continuous shooting, why not just allow full auto? Especially on the FIRST LEVEL -- I mean, I just stopped there because it was so repetitive.

Also, it seems odd to have a timer AND "waves" of aliens. If it's timed, it should end when the time ends. If it's waves, you should just know how many waves you have to survive. "Waves" should also have breaks between them, which would allow the player's finger a REST!

So I rank this squarely in the middle: 5/10. It seems like it has potential, but it's a little too frustrating from a gameplay point of view.


its kinda crap apart from the graphics 3/10


Quite few dimensional, and much too easy, it wasn't challenging at all until the last level that was utterly impossible due to the enormous amounts of lag, even when I played on low quality. I think there is just too much graphics at the same time for slow computers, you should try to optimize this somehow. However, I'll admit it was fun for a while, so it's not a bad game.


i really enjoyed playing, especially considering i have a spastic finger. Good work.

Basic, need autofire BADLY

Grapgics are nice, but the gameplay dont evolve fast enough.

Cramp in my hand due to having to click like mad on LMB. I want autofire AT ALL TIME.

Access to upgrades would be nice, why cant we buy anything, there are locked options here and there (and an unnaccessible bonus button).. but how do we unlock them? Need information on this

Too basic and repetitive. But the base as it is can stand on its own, but gets old fast. Add more content.