Reviews for "Guy of My Dreams"

you sir are a genious

this is top notch stuff, just wait itll be in the front soon


Oh wow, not only was my dream guy essentially Edward from Twilight, no other guy for my entire life looked even remotely like him. Soooo... I just ended up eating a shit ton of chocolate.

I don't know if this game was meant to be a parody, but if it was, then you epic win.

nerdook responds:

yes it was meant to be a parody. I'm a guy, happily attached, so it's not some bitter revenge flash game or anything. more of an exaggerated view of how some women view dating in general... hopefully the real message wasn't too badly mangled in the process!


i tink all nerdook games are awesome!!

Haha nice!

Rofl I'm so pro, that I dated Jesus for 32 years XD

Ooh baby~

.. lol. clifton, athletic, .. something else, and horny.. LOL. guy of my dreams all right. :D
love the game and the idea. would love to see it progress into a full-fledged project. will definitely go somewhere. amusing, and the music is a nice addition. <3