Reviews for "Guy of My Dreams"

This is why guys don't respect women

Let me get this straight.

I know EXACTLY what my dream guy will look like, but I don't know the qualities of him until a couple of years later. I can latch on to any man I want in the game...and none of them can resist me. I can dump his ass anytime I please, without thought or consideration to his feelings. I eat a shit-load of chocolate to be happy early on, but never gain weight. I expect roses and diamonds from my "perfect guy" in order to be pleased by him. I just nab a few folders to work my way up the corporate ladder.

I find this game insulting, both to women and men. We're not just some stupid accessory you go out shopping for, latch on to, and then expect to live off of like a tick. And most girls think they know what kind of guy they want, then they get him, and can't stand him. Meanwhile, the guys they really hit it off with as friends and are compatible with...they don't want to date.

However, I'm pretty sure this makes up for those "Meet'n'Fuck" games, where loose women are rampantly throwing themselves at some stud for no-strings, casual sex orgies.

nerdook responds:

hm, my aim is DEFINITELY not to make an insulting game! it's more of poking fun at how some girls are encouraged to filter their options for the 'perfect' guy: the game was meant to show that it's perfectly fine to settle for anyone who has a good character rather than fits some dream notion.

in any case. thanks for the review!

I've found my love! lol

a single but original game


dude i love all your games my fav is zombie took my daughter :D

My guy was a rapist

what the fuck? anyway great game even though im a guy i love this game

dat game is veri sad