Reviews for "Guy of My Dreams"

If I were a girl...

I'd keep playing this, not only until I unlock all Achievements.

Suggestion: Have a few other Hairstyles for the girl herself to be unlocked.

nerdook responds:

noted, and sure thing. will add that to my to-do list for a future update. also, i'm not too good at actually drawing female hairstyles... would need to consult my gf on that! :D


It's so cute! I easily managed to complete every task tough.


achievements are not that hard to get and the girl design is really cute for me lol XD

the BGM is also real nice, kinda reminds me of pokemon.

as darkguy said, make another when ya can choose another one. And probably, customizable character and choice that you like of ure suppose to be bf or something?

Actually found the guy of my dreams

I was happy for my little girl character thought I felt kind of bad when I did I mean she dumped a guy she'd been with for like twenty years for him could that really happen? Fun game though


I like playing the game, it kinda reminds me of what im going thru now, matching by appearance, personality, girl snatching man, death, happieness, dumping and being dumped. i love it *tear*!