Reviews for "Guy of My Dreams"

hmm interesting but

i couldnt seem to pick up the girls. Glitch!

this is pretty fun

....might I suggest making a version for dudes?


You managed to make a girly game, and I like the main idea, its pretty original. sweet graphics too. For a simple game its a good one, but I would enjoy it more if the gameplay was longer and more sophisticated\interesting.

fun little game

It was a nice little game although as other posters said her life should have went on after 50. It was probably her insane diet of pounds of chocolate per day ;)

・Unique Theme. (Player Character is Woman,
And You Need to Gain as much Happiness As you can in 35 Years.)
・Music is good.
・You can Check Previous game's Results In title Screen.

・This game has Only 2 Music.