Reviews for "Guy of My Dreams"

That game is pretty cute.

So to say. A simple and warm-hearted (sorta) flash :)
Keep up such spirit when making those in future.

Well played creator,

I was a little skeptical about this game before playing, but it had some unique characteristics that made me glad to have played it.

I found it interesting (my first 2 times playing, trying to find the exact match) that the happiness would go up with your job/chocolate score, while the star rating was down. Also that when you finally got guy, your money/happiness seemed to increase at a much slower rate... but with a higher end (star) score. There really aren't many games out there that have a scoring system like this. Seemed the perception was to balance your life, which I agree with. (even if this was not the original intention).

Good game overall, would like to see a sequel in the future.

Fun but a pain in the *

I enjoy this game a lot though I'm worried that I can't find a way to get 5/5 in that game. I bet you REALLY made it tricky to do so. I like how it's not too hard or easy and yet a pain to try and find the dream guy. At least I can say you did a lot. If you got more games like this coming I hope to be ready by then.

Good game but...

I enjoyed playing it but there is one thing that did not seem well thought out. No matter how nice of a guy he is or how long you have been with him, he ALWAYS get stolen by a girl. I think that this portrays all men as being shallow, horny dicks. I think that maybe the girl should only steal the guy if you have been together less than a certain number of years. It just seemed odd to me that my guy got stolen by a girl when we were together for +20 years and one of his personality traits was "loyal". It just didn't add up.

Simple and Enjoyable

I like the use of achievements. There's a lot of different ways to beat it, which I liked as well.