Reviews for "Guy of My Dreams"

I've found my love! lol

a single but original game


dude i love all your games my fav is zombie took my daughter :D

dat game is veri sad

Pretty fun

Pretty fun, and yes, it is a little "girlier" than the other games on here. But creative, original, and good. One thing I'd suggest is maybe the achievements from one game somehow "improving" the girl's performance when you play the game again.

Could be improved, but brilliant!

Not your typical "side-scrolling" game. I really enjoyed this one a lot! As others have said, it has lots of replay value and I never get bored with it. However, I think it could've been improved to where you could pick your own personality so that the guy's personality could have different effects. For example, geeky could be taken as good depending on your personality.