Reviews for "Guy of My Dreams"

Very addicting

Simple and addicting gameplay. On its merits as mindless entertainment the game was enjoyable and everything from the art style to the music held a great mood.

However, the game has a very shallow subtext I didn't care for. In the end what gave your girl the most happiness was if he looked exactly like you wanted him to and had something like Rich or Shopping Lover as traits. Things like great personality or being a good person didn't make your girl nearly as happy. It's a silly little point but one I thought I'd bring up all the same.

One thing I thought might be neat for a sequel, if you make one, would be being able to select some traits randomly that would be worth extra happiness or be extra hated by your girl for each time you'd play.

Funny... somehow!

Extraordinarily addicting; love the (mis)representation of human males.

10 stars is all I will say.


yay i love that song, hey there gorgey girl. so great


i usually avoid these kinds of games like the plague, but this one was pure gold! im real glad i played it, and i hope others do too!


I was all excited when I finally nabbed the 'perfect' guy.... and he turned out to be a murderer. :O


At any rate, well done.