Reviews for "Guy of My Dreams"

Great game:)

but who the hell dies at fifty anymore? what is this 1965?!:D


I think it's trying to tell girls that they shouldn't search for the 'guy of their dreams' because he might turn out to be a dickwad. Instead, they should be more open minded with their choices. Like, dating geeks and ugly people who could be open-minded, caring, loving, turn out to be rich, etc, etc ,etc...

A cutesy game with a message? No wai, I'm probably reading too much into this.
Oh well.

nerdook responds:

hehe. you're right tho, it wasn't as shallow as it first appeared.

Awesome Game

I literally Rofl'ed when I had a guy and one of his traits were "Horny"

Good job on this, very short but has a lot of motion in it, and many different endings to however you go.

surprisingly well thought out.

yeah. It was just a great and realistic game.


Very cute game!

But I was kinda annoyed of how random it was - I mean, I still havent got all 5 stars because the "perfect guy" suddenly turns out to be a violent, lazy, rapist...

But I played it quite a few times, so it's defineatly pretty cathy!