Reviews for "Guy of My Dreams"

Great game!

I thoroughly enjoyed it - and I'm a guy :P nice, cute game which isn't very challenging but has a lot of variety of play and I think is quite meaningful.

Life ends at 50 though..?

Cute, simple, fun

Considering the overload of masculine games where sex and violence is the main theme, this is a breath of fresh air. Not only can you control a girl protagonist, but you have to (get to?) get her in a relationship.

However, while fun and cute (the design and music certainly fit together in perfect harmony), the game lacks a real challenge and it's hard to remain interested after a while. Plus, though it may not have been intended as such, this seems like a game that sends the wrong message to young girls.

Maybe I'm just looking too deep into this. Lucky you, girls don't come to Newgrounds.


I enjoyed it despite being a guy (and thus an obvious gender gap). It was overall just a very neat idea. 10/10, 5/5. Thank you for sharing. =)

Good game but...

I enjoyed playing it but there is one thing that did not seem well thought out. No matter how nice of a guy he is or how long you have been with him, he ALWAYS get stolen by a girl. I think that this portrays all men as being shallow, horny dicks. I think that maybe the girl should only steal the guy if you have been together less than a certain number of years. It just seemed odd to me that my guy got stolen by a girl when we were together for +20 years and one of his personality traits was "loyal". It just didn't add up.

Things I've Learned

This game was fun for a bit, but I just have to say:

1) Women are only allowed to be happier if they're with someone.
2) A career oriented woman can only truly be successful on her own.
3) Children are not an option, but your significant other can sure as heck die 100 times.
4) You've only got about a 20% chance to find the person of your dreams. :)

And yes, that was all sarcasm. :)