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Reviews for "K1 short animation"

Pretty cool.

I like the design of the character. To me, this looks like an intro for a production company. The stuff they play before the movie starts. Anyway, I liked it and would love to see more.


Pretty great! Loved the animation. You could make a plot/series out of this.

Comments and such

First of all, I really liked the animation style of this (more so the guy than the thing that eventually became the logo). As such, I hope to see more works from you with similar styles.

I must note that the lack of a developed plot takes a lot away from that. While I realize this is an Ad, or something similar, as a Newgrounds entry, it should have a plot.

Thus, for an awesomely animated piece that serves its purpose (with plot as its only real flaw, short films CAN have plot), 8/10

And again, hope to see more of this style sometime :D

nice skills

nice dude, you have quite the mad flash skills, you only need to put them to practice for the win

rather good

Do they use this as those little self-promo things in between commercials? its rather good, and this reminds me of the ones that my networks use. great job!