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Reviews for "K1 short animation"


i like it,great job man!..good luck with the job ^.^


I really like the animation. More over though I'd like to see this put into an actual series, it'd be pretty cool

WackWacko responds:

Maby,if I find some sponsors. :)

ha ha ha

it's funny cuz all it is is a wast of time. i love it when animater do some cind of crool smart joke like that and i bet your laffing your ass off.

Why don't people ever read the author comments?

K1 TV is a TV station in the Ukraine. This was made for them, which is why the dead monster resembles "K1".

Pretty cool.

I like the design of the character. To me, this looks like an intro for a production company. The stuff they play before the movie starts. Anyway, I liked it and would love to see more.