Reviews for "K1 short animation"

Pretty cool.

I like the design of the character. To me, this looks like an intro for a production company. The stuff they play before the movie starts. Anyway, I liked it and would love to see more.

nice skills

nice dude, you have quite the mad flash skills, you only need to put them to practice for the win


i like it,great job man!..good luck with the job ^.^

good start, on to something here.

good animation, good music choice. nice lil short.
was a lil rough cut and pixelated, but that will improve if you want it to.
can't complain about the length, if it is for a 5 second teevee spot, to show the viewers the channel, it does it job.

you have good talent and can go somewhere with this style I imagine...

Comments and such

First of all, I really liked the animation style of this (more so the guy than the thing that eventually became the logo). As such, I hope to see more works from you with similar styles.

I must note that the lack of a developed plot takes a lot away from that. While I realize this is an Ad, or something similar, as a Newgrounds entry, it should have a plot.

Thus, for an awesomely animated piece that serves its purpose (with plot as its only real flaw, short films CAN have plot), 8/10

And again, hope to see more of this style sometime :D