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Reviews for "K1 short animation"

rather good

Do they use this as those little self-promo things in between commercials? its rather good, and this reminds me of the ones that my networks use. great job!

Why don't people ever read the author comments?

K1 TV is a TV station in the Ukraine. This was made for them, which is why the dead monster resembles "K1".

ha ha ha

it's funny cuz all it is is a wast of time. i love it when animater do some cind of crool smart joke like that and i bet your laffing your ass off.


and short :)
simple animation good graphics nice effects music and feel
no complaints really :)


I really like the animation. More over though I'd like to see this put into an actual series, it'd be pretty cool

WackWacko responds:

Maby,if I find some sponsors. :)