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Reviews for "GaMetal-Revenge of Meta Knight"

Another great piece. Love 'em.

Pro: Metaknight's themes always lent themselves well to metal IMO, just something about the character makes it fit well and this rendition did not disappoint. The way you did the second theme was also well done; I can remember the ending scene in the game with kirby on the wheelie and, once again, it just fits the metal so well.

Cons: The transition between the Metaknight theme and the Friends and Sun theme was a little rough; by that I mean it's a bit sudden to go from a rocking intense metal theme to a ballad theme. Not even that much of a con, but, yeah, that's all I can find for cons.

Other: To put it simply, I love it. Was an unexpected treat, didn't think you'd redo a previous song you covered. Great work though, eager to hear your next piece.

man this never gets old
*beats metaknight into dust*
to easy
great job btw you definitly nailed it

6 Plays? *takes a gun