Reviews for "Reincarnation: LTETR"

Who dat!

Ive played a lot of your stuff & i like all of them, but this ones my favorite just cause its in New Orleans. Continue to submit your games & ill look forward to playing them

LiLg responds:

Who Dat!

good game :D

i always enjoy ur reincarnation games they are entertaining as i try to get the souls back into demon realm. the first part of trying to get out of demon realm was fun and pretty evil xD and i lol'd at human pinata :]
the bugs are a bit annoying but i suppose it was a nice add, do it for the medal xD
i love how the demon can get frown mask, too bad it cant wear the smiling mask though :P but its still a pretty need easter egg. I liked it.
still have two other secret medals to figure out :D

Another Excellent Game

I always enjoy the Reincarnation games. The graphics are great and simple controls. The music and sound effects help tell the story. I recommend this game to all.

I beat the game twice and received all the medals except one. I could only find 14/15 locusts. Did anybody else have this problem? If somebody has the number of local per scene or can help please PM me. Thank you.


u cant stop from killing them i wish i could so i could get the other medal

This is the best Reincarnation game!