Reviews for "Reincarnation: LTETR"

Well Done.

A hard and good Reincarnation game.I see there is medals along with the game, which is pretty addictive to get. There are two endings to the game.

1.Let Stubs give his preach and let the guy follow him.Then, finish the game and
you get Playing the Blues.

2.When Stubs is drunk, still drinking, press the red pen and make it write "Bald people suck!" So the guy kills Stubs.Then you get Keeping Hell Whole.

Well i couldn't find much secret medals, but in the beginning, there's a Fetus
allllll the way in the background, so just click it and you get a medal.

at the part with distracting the lady, press the jukebox more than 10 times.

The 9th medal is explained by my bro Jason1314.

Overall, this game is really fun and a great point 'n' click.

I'd love another Reincarnation coming up soon.



briant just wow a good work


Good game


u had to tab/lock it lol nice game


Fear For Fetus - 5 Points - Click on the Fetus behind the tree to make him run away.

The Grim Truth - 5 Points - Don't kill any locust on Earth.

Designated - 10 Points - Watch Stubs down 10 pints.

Fetch Dog Fetch - 10 Points - Try to get the dog to go after the stick.

The Human Pinata - 10 Points - Use the stick on the hanging soul.

The Last Dance - 10 Points - Play the Jukebox more than 10 times.

The Mask We Wear - 25 Points - Wear the Mask.