Reviews for "Reincarnation: LTETR"

Holy mother of gandalf with a shotgun this is an awesome game series, but a bit too easy.

Had to rate it low because I had to start over because of a glitch. I went to the building with the elevator too early and I was unable to exit past the outside of the building.

this is such a good game, i love the artwork, the story, the interaction and the voices xD it's really fun to play i just love it! :D

i think it was kind of racist.

1. End the Game 2. Don't use the marker in the bar, just leave and come back. 3. Kill all the locust 4. Click on the fetus in the first scene. 5. Don't kill any Locust on Earth. 6. Watch the driver drink beer 10 times 7. Use the stick on the dog . 8. Use the stick on the "Human Piniata" . 9. Play the Jukebox ten times 10. Wear the Mask. Get the bone from the dead driver and use it with the small dog