Reviews for "Reincarnation: LTETR"

how do you get the upset luke medal?

Good game. For those who are wondering how to get all the medals, here's the answers I've manage to find (quoted from MarioKong) :

"Medal Guide

KEEPING HELL WHOLE: Complete the game. PLAYING THE BLUES: Dont use the marker in the bar. THE CROPS ARE SAFE: Get rid of every locust. FEAR FOR FETUST: Click on the fetus in the beginning. THE GRIM TRUTH: Dont kill a single locust. DESIGNATED DRIVER: Watch Stubs drink 10 beers. FETCH DOG FETCH: Click on the stick then the dog. THE HUMAN PINATA: Use the stick on the upside-down human. THE LAST DANCE: Use the jukebox 10 times. THE MASK WE WEAR: Use the marker in the bar, get Stubs bone, use the bone on the dog, click the chest, pick up the yarn ball, click on the sad mask, combinate the yarn and the mask and VOLIA!

Hope this helps."

I love to Play this series. I just love Point N click games. The audio is great. The Demon's smirky comments he makes in the series just add to the feel

Very cool.

great game, it was also longer then the others.