Reviews for "Reincarnation: LTETR"

good game yet what could be secret medals? some one message and help please I want them i bet they look cool like this game!

Satan will be so proud of me

Like all Reincarnation games (including non -minis) this is a little too short and solutions are not always logical. I am sad author dropped the more fun Groswold the Goblin series for Reincarnation.

Reincarnation series is like fast food for adventure games - easy for author to produce in large quantities and we players will eat it despite it not giving a satisfaction a proper adventure game gives.

I will rate this game higher then mosr Reincarnation games because the villains are not white male like on most other Reincarnation games. I am sure hell is a diverse place and villain selection should reflect that.

In my first playtrought it actually seemed to me that the demons's changed sign said "black people s***", on second playtrough when trying to get missing medals I noticied it rather says ""black people s***". It's said that author was afraid to go all the way and in name of PC corectness was afraid to make a joke of the protected class and insulted bald people for no reason. I have never seen bald people getting agressive for someone makeing fun of their baldness.

This game ROCKS! Awesome job dude!

Love the game, as usual, big fan of the whole series. However, I believe there must be a bug as I won some medals but didn't receive them on newgrounds.. :/